Our Story

Ruchi Makeup Artist

We started like most start-ups do, from home. The idea was to start slow, test the waters and then start a saloon at a commercial place. But who would have known, we became big within the four walls of the house. It took us a year to get the aunties and their daughters within our building complex. Another four years to get to the next building and the next and then the whole of Punjab. Then the time came when there was no room for the family to live. All rooms were occupied by the saloon. Ten years down we excelled in the field of bridal and party makeups and all beauty treatments. We are now 12 people strong and ready to move into the commercial property which we dreamt of ten years back. Our clientele now includes Punjab, Chandigarh, USA, UK and Dubai. The NRI are the clients who are travelling to India for weddings. We are also doing makeup for Models and film stars.
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