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    The Art of Self Makeup

    My journey into Self Makeup like any other girl started from home. I was the go-to girl for makeup for my sisters and family members. It did begin with bloopers but I used to read a lot of magazines to cover my basics. There was no internet at that time, so books, Nannie beauty tips, and magazines were my study material. From using home remedies to learning the art of Self Makeup with new products took some time. None-the-less my hobby converted into a business idea and, now I have run my salon for the past 12 years. This blog will help you to do basic makeup at home. Anybody who still wants to learn more can join our Special Self Makeup Course. You can check the details here.

    Basics, Basics, and Basics

    Prepare your skin for the make up the washing alone won’t do. Use should buy facial cleansers to get rid of those impurities or pollution. I will not get into details about which brand to use and choose what you like. Once done, rinse it off and don’t clean with a towel pat dry, please.  We will then scrub to remove your dead skin. This technique is called exfoliating. Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make room for new cells every 30 days or so. Sometimes, dead cells don’t shed completely, so the scrub. Now, to make a smooth base apply moisturizer, probably with aloe vera. Aloe Vera will hydrate your skin and will make your makeup look fresh for a long time. You are ready for makeup but wait!

    Primer and Concealer – What are they?

    The Art of Self Makeup

    Makeup primer is a base for foundation cream. The foundation cream allows makeup to go on smoother and last longer. Primers are available in cream, gel, and powder form. Makeup primers also help smooth any fine lines, wrinkles, or large pores. Choose a primer with a glowing finish if you have dry skin or a primer with a matte finish if you have oily skin. Do note, apply a primer on selected areas as not all your face is oily or dry. Now the concealer is similar to foundation cream but it’s generally thicker and hides dark circles, age spots, blemishes, and more. The concealer will help hiding pigments and blending these imperfections into the skin. You should always apply concealer on top of your foundation so it doesn’t smudge.

    The foundation cream is next!

    Yes, now let’s apply the foundation. The varieties of the foundation are plenty, so choose which matches your skin tone. You also have matt finish foundations for oily skin and you need to buy a different one for dry skin. The foundation will make or break your makeup. The foundation should look invisible, don’t overdo it. You should also not try to blend the foundation with your neck or put it on your ears. 

    Blush, Highlighter, or Bronzer
    Blush, Highlighter, or Bronzer

    Well, blush is the most mishandled tool when you are applying yourself. It is not just a powder that adds color to your cheeks.  It shadows and contours the cheekbones. Now if you do not handle it properly, you will get that looks and not in a good way. The bronzer and the highlighter should be put on your cheeks, chin, nose, or your forehead. These are the parts where the sunlight hits and this gets you the glow.

    Eyes that Kill

    Eye Makeup

    It is time to do eyebrows, put on eye shadows, eyeliner, and mascara.  You can go with conventional threading or use any of those eye pencils. You can screw up the make by an overdose of eye shadow. First, dust color onto your lids, then follow up with a crease color, and finally, place a dab of highlighter along your brow bone. If you are putting dark and bold eyeliners, these are the best fit for night parties. Whatever you do always use waterproof eyeliner. We all know we like to cry at weddings and with friends, it’s the overdose of laughter. Now, if you are using waterproof mascara apply regular mascara first. Then apply your waterproof mascara, this will help you remove the mascara easily later.

    Lip Makeup Now, Please!

    Yes, you have done all your makeup, now is the time for those sassy lips. Before you do anything, scrub your lips. You can do this with a towel also. This will help remove the dead skin on your lips. Make sure you don’t scrub it too much it will ruin your lips. Now, start with a lip liner and make sure your lip liner is of the same color as your lipstick. Now bright lipsticks will overshadow your makeup, colors like pink and orange. If you are doing makeup for the day or night-parties go for that shiny gloss lipstick shades. Always choose one shade darker than your lips; it will give a realistic effect to your lips.

    Too much to handle, join our self makeup courses. You can get all details here. You can also get in touch with me directly for one on one session. All our courses are customizable as per you.  


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