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    Cosmetologist: Who are they?

    The beauty industry changes every day. Whether it’s the hairstyle, makeup, techniques, new and improved things keep coming. This goes for even the people working in the industry. Earlier we just had a wide definition like beautician, Haircutter, saloon, etc. Now, these are replaced by stylists, makeup artists, and makeup studios. This helps the beauty industry and the people to identify what a person does exactly. If you want bridal makeup you will hire a makeup artist. If you want to do your hair for a party you will hire a stylist. Now, what if you want one person who could do the above plus the nail care and skincare treatment? Well, they are called Cosmetologists!

    How to become a cosmetologist?

    First of all, education, for you to become a cosmetologist you need to have minimum education. That would be the 10th or 12th class. I would say do graduation as it will help you in the future to get better monies. The hairstylist or makeup artist does not require any education though. The selected few who are creative will reach the television or film industry. They will also make good money. On the other hand, if you are a cosmetologist you will get a degree. This way you will earn more than your counterparts. You will also be able to open your studio. A cosmetologist will first understand your skin, hair, or your face type. She then will suggest to you what product to use to heal those flaws. If you want a hairstyle she will see your face type and then the hair type. Accordingly, she will suggest your treatment and style.

    The science of knowing the skin type, face type, hair type makes you an expert. Your knowledge of beauty products and the latest equipment makes your class apart. Your recommendation for the use of beauty products will help you have a fan following. This will help you have extra income from selling products. The other person who makes more money and has more knowledge is the esthetician. But we will discuss the role in my coming blog. Also, read professional makeup courses.


    Cosmetologist as a carrier

    If you are not opening your shop where can you work? As a cosmetologist, you are not restricted to a saloon. Since you have a degree you can work in high-end spas and health centers. Not only that you can work in hotels, resorts, and even cruise ships. These places pay you quite nicely. Needless-to-say, you earn more than a hairstylist, makeup artist, or any other of your contemporaries.  Even as a freelancer you will be paid higher. The other good part is as soon as you finish your degree you can start your practice. On the other hand, hairstylists and makeup artists have to work for a year to gain experience.

    We are providing packages for self-makeup, Hairstyling, and professional courses. You can download the e-brochure for the professional course. If you want to do customized courses and carrier guidance contact us on the numbers given below. 


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